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Standards for Stereoscopic Imaging

This page summarises the standards setting activities of the SD&A conference. This page also lists those standards which do exist for stereoscopic imaging and seeks to focus our efforts on defining useful new standards.

Various Standards Forum was held over the years at the Stereoscopic Displays and Applications conference. A summary of these forums appear in the conference proceedings (and summarised below).

A number of initiatives have been undertaken by the Stereoscopic Standards Committee over the years.

A proposed standard for Field-Sequential 3D Video was written - see below. A standards mailing list was setup to allow the discussion of standards topics - see the standards forum summary for more information.

* 2002 Standards Forum
* 2001 Standards Forum
* 2000 Standards Forum
* 1998 Standards Forum

Existing Standards:
* "Connector and Signal Standards for Stereoscopic Display Hardware" (VESA),
* Stereoscopic JPEG (JPS) standard (VREX),
* VESA BIOS 3 with stereoscopic extensions.

Standards Under Development:
* Field-sequential 3D Video (labelling standard and which field is which, etc):
      * Background Paper (Jan 2001) "fs3d_background_paper.pdf" - 14KB
      * Draft Version 0.4 of the proposed standard (Jan 2001) "FS3Dstd04.pdf" - 205KB
      * Draft Version 0.2 of the proposed standard (29 Dec 1999) "FS3Dstd.pdf" - 225KB

Areas Needing Standards:
* Terminology/Lexicon,
* Display Formats,
* standard polarity of 3D Glasses (linear polarized, cirular polarized and anaglyph),
* Hardware Interfaces (e.g. 3.5mm stereo jack for LC glasses, etc),
* Software Interfaces,
* Digital 3D Video.

How can you help - how can you benefit?
* Submit a summary of a standard we do not yet have summarised on this site,
* Submit a proposal for new standards in stereoscopic imaging,
* Collect your thoughts and
* Plan to attend the next Stereoscopic Displays and Applications Conference.

Stereoscopic Displays and Applications conference

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