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VESA BIOS EXTENSION version 3 (with Stereoscopic Support)

The complete standard "VESA BIOS EXTENSION (VBE) Core Functions Standard Version 3.0" is available from the VESA ftp site for free:

(You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the document.)

The purpose of the VESA BIOS standard is "to standardize a modular, software interface to display and audio devices". From Version 3 onwards, support is now provided for hardware which provides stereoscopic functions.

The document contains the following section relevant to Stereoscopic Display:

    Using Stereoscopic Liquid Crystal Shutter Glasses
  • Automatic hardware display start address swapping (Method 1)
  • Automatic hardware display start address swapping (Method 2)
  • Software driven display start address swapping
  • Refresh rates and stereoscopic imaging
  • Left/right image synchronisation
In addition, the standard provides the detail necessary to interface your software with stereoscopic hardware which supports the VESA BIOS 3 standard.

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Maintained by: Andrew Woods
Revised: 9 November, 1999.