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Stereoscopic Displays and Applications
3D Theater Session

The 3D Theater Session at each year's Stereoscopic Displays and Applications conference showcases the wide variety of 3D content that is being used, produced and exhibited around the world.

Listed and illustrated below are examples of the wide range of 3D content that has been shown at the Stereoscopic Displays and Applications conference since 1990.

An exciting program is currently being organised for the next conference - please join us for a night of memorable 3D theatre experience.


The next SD&A 3D Theater Session will be held in January 2018 as part of the 2018 Stereoscopic Displays and Applications conference, which in turn is part of the annual Electronic Imaging Symposium.


The 2018 SD&A conference and 3D Theatre Session will be held at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport, Burlingame, California, USA.

To Attend:

All registered attendees of the Stereoscopic Displays and Applications conference and the Electronic Imaging Symposium are automatically entitled to attend the SD&A 3D Theatre. Registrations open in mid-November.

or, SD&A 3D Theater Single Entry passes are also available for separate purchase from the front registration desk (Please note that the SD&A 3D Theater Single Entry pass does not allow entry to the other sessions of the Stereoscopic Displays and Applications conference).

All 3D footage screened at the 3D Theatre Session is shown in high-quality polarized 3D. Some of the thumbnails below are anaglyph, but the polarised version was screened at the 3D Theatre Session.

To Submit Content:

If you are interested in submitting 3D content for the next conference, please send an email to <>.

3D Theatre Session Content Listing - Past Years


Coming Soon!


winner cupBest of Show
(Live Action)

Chisa Hidaka and Benjamin Harley (USA)
winner cupBest of Show
(Animation / CG)

"Chlamydomonas reinhardtii 3D - From Biological Cells to Biofuels"
Björn Sommer and Niklas Biere (Australia / Germany)
"Amour Fou 3D"
Florian Werzinski (Germany)
"Happy When It Rains"
Karel Bata (UK)
"zeitRaum II"
Volker Kuchelmeister (Australia)
"We Built a Ship"
Stefan Sargent (USA)
"Inside the Dome"
Stuart Bender and Mick Broderick (Australia / Japan)
"Safety Geeks SVI"
Roger Tonry and Tom Konkle (USA)
Karlis Vitols, Triin Ruumet, Adina Istrate, Didzis Eglitis (Latvia)
"The Simple CarnivalŠThe Problem with Friends"
Jeff Boller (USA)
Sean Arden (Canada)
"The End of the Dark Ages"
Ralf Kaehler (KIPAC/SLAC), Marcelo Alvarez (CITA), Tom Abel (KIPAC/SLAC) (USA)
"Adidas Originals 'Bushwick'"
Ben Schwartz (USA)
"Magic Field 3D"
Masuji Suto (Japan)
"DNA of Angel"
Aleksey Osipenkov (Russia)
"Towards a Six-Dimensional Cinema"
Peter Rose (USA)
"Valor Cat"
Ben Reicher (USA)
"Crime Squad 3D (Episode 6: Interview3D)"
Enhanced Dimensions (UK)
"Educational 3D Content: Onnabori"
Shibata lab, Tokyo University of Social Welfare (Japan)
"GramiÕs Circus Show Š Season 1"
Studio Gale Co, Ltd. and KBS Media (South Korea)
"Pocket Universes Macro Shoot"
Eric Deren, Dzignlight Studios (USA)
"City Kay Live in Printemps de Bourges"
Fabien Remblier (France)
Demonstration Category
(NB: items in the demonstration category were not judged for the Best of Show or Honorary Mention awards)
"Carta De La Muerte A Frida (A Letter For Frida From The Death)"
Ana Leticia Reyes and Diego Sandoval (Mexico)
"Every Two Minutes"
Catriona Baker and Curvin Huber (USA)
"Geopark 3D Teaser"
Helio Augusto Godoy de Souza (Brazil)
"Inside Out"
Pixar Animation Studios (USA)
Denis Poulin and Martine Époque (Canada)
"Big Hero 6"
Walt Disney Studios (USA)
"Aliens Dancing Sirtaki"
San Base (Canada)
Pixar Animation Studios (USA)


winner cupBest of Show
(Live Action)

"The Whitewashing of 5 Pointz"
Ben Schwartz (USA)
winner cupBest of Show
(Animation / CG)

Chris Lavis and Maciek Szczerbowski (Canada)
"Luigi's Pizzaride 3D"
Florian Werzinski (Germany)
"The Depths"
Jordan Dowler-Coltman (Writer/Director) (Canada)
"Safety Geeks SVI trailer"
Lumen Actus Productions (USA)
"My Robot"
PARAN52FILM (CEO: Choi Yang Hyun) (South Korea)
"Geometry of Numbers"
San Base (Canada); music by Ugo Altamore (Italy)
"Northern Lights over Mount Halde"
Morten Skallerud (Norway)
"Mr Hublot"
Laurent Witz & Alexandre Espigares (Luxembourg)
"The 3D-Machine - the series - Episode 3"
Ka-Ching Cartoons (Netherlands)
"Hyperlapse - Scenic in Japan #1"
Takashi Sekitani (Japan)
Emmanuel Albano (Canada)
"Gravitational Lensing"
Ralf Kaehler (KIPAC/SLAC), Carter Emmart (AMNH), Tom Abel (KIPAC/SLAC) (USA)
"Snakes 3D"
Wild Earth Media (South Africa)
"Intermission" (from 2003)
Don Hertzfeldt and Robert Howell (USA)
"Compromiso: ALA 15 (Commitment: 15th Wing)"
Alfredo Gonzalez / Sergio de Uña / José Luis Roig (Spain)
Sylvia Nicolaides (Cyprus)
"Grami's Circus Show"
Studio Gale Co, Ltd. / KBS Media (Korea)
"Elysian Fields"
Ina Conradi Chavez (Singapore)
"Red White Black and Blue"
Nicholas D'Agostino (USA)
"Maidan Today"
Stéphane Dalmat (France)
"Trail Riders of America Double Cross and Dirt Jump Contest"
Nat Bartholomew (USA)
"Temple of Zen 3D"
Tsz Shan Monastery (Hong Kong)
"The Chaperone 3D"
Fraser Munden (Canada)
"Dzignlight Studios Timelapse 2015"
Eric Deren (USA)
Digital Magic Limited (China)
"Cosplay Dreams 3D"
Passage Productions and Drama House Productions (USA)
"One Night in Hell"
Jason Jameson & James Hall (England)
Demonstration Category
(NB: items in the demonstration category were not judged for the Best of Show or Honorary Mention awards)
Walt Disney Pictures (USA)
"The Bubble" (from 1966)
3-D Film Archive, LLC (USA)
"Austin, Texas 3D Time Lapse"
Landon Gaus (USA)
"Pequeñas Voces (Little Voices) trailer"
Jairo Carrillo (Colombia)
"Fanfare Intro Foxtrot"
Chris Casady (USA)
"Later, in the Restaurant..."
Karel Bata (England)
"Being there; Mauritshuis The Hague - Vermeer - Girl with a Pearl Earring"
René van Gageldonk (Netherlands)
"Friskies 3D"
Brash 3D (Colombia)
Walt Disney Animation Studios (USA)
"Dragonfly Squadron" (from 1954)
3-D Film Archive, LLC (USA)
"Austin Surhoff, UT Swimmer"
Patricio Elizondo (USA)
Maria Juranic (USA)
Pixar Animation Studios (USA)


winner cupBest of Show
(Live Action)

"Soir de Fête"
David Robert (France)
winner cupBest of Show
(Animation / CG)

"Morpheos Trailer"
John Hart (USA)
"Metallica Through the Never"
Picturehouse (USA)
Ivan Ceriex - Fabien Remblier (France)
"The Lady Assassin"
Nguyen Quang Dung (Vietnam)
"Underwater Predators and Prey"
László Magyar and Dr. György Kriska (Hungary)
"Crime Squad: UNDERCOVER3D"
Andrew Murchie (United Kingdom)
"Cosmic Origins 2"
Nick Holliman, the University of York, Carlton Baugh, Carlos Frenk, Durham University (United Kingdom)
"Mars Views 3D (trailer)"
Martin Hans Schmitt (Germany)
"Quadcopter Flying Movies"
Phil Captain 3D McNally (USA)
"Clear Buildings"
Boris Starosta (USA)
"ZeitRaum, an Investigation in Space-time"
Volker Kuchelmeister (Australia)
"Wooden Palace of Russian Tsar"
Andrey Anokhin (Russia)
"Shine 3D"
Jesse Blanchard (USA)
"Baby Blues"
Pegasus Motion Pictures Production Ltd. (China)
Ikuo Nakamura (USA)
"The Simple Carnival - A Geek Like Me"
Jeff Boller (USA)
"World's Largest Elephant Buffet"
Al Caudullo (USA)
"Hydrochoeruspaedia 3D"
Helio A G Souza and Ludger Pfanz (Brazil)
"Chasms of Silence"
Marten Berkman (Canada)
Kate Duhamel, Fountain 3 Films (USA)
Geneva Film Co. (Canada)
"3D Natural Wonders of California"
Charles Booth (USA)
"Horn Quest"
Ryan Suits (USA)
"Educational 3D Content: Tumulus"
Shibata lab, Tokyo University of Social Welfare (Japan)
"The Sunday Morning Drive"
Ole Schell (USA)
"Busan 3D"
Kwangwoon University (South Korea)
"Flight of the Butterflies"
SK Films Inc. (Canada)
"Formation of the Cosmic Web"
Ralf Kaehler (KIPAC), Carter Emmart (AMNH), Tom Abel (KIPAC) (USA)
"47 Ronin - Feature Trailer"
Universal Pictures, director Carl Rinsch (USA)
"Hsu Ji Derriere L'Ecran - Hsu Ji Behind the Screen"
Thomas Rio (France)
Demonstration Category
(NB: items in the demonstration category were not judged for the Best of Show or Honorary Mention awards)
Illumination Entertainment (USA)
Chris Casady (USA)
Philippe Baylaucq (Canada)
"24 Hours of LeMons, Sonoma Raceway"
David Newman (USA)
"Planes 3D"
DisneyToons Studios (USA)
"Being There: Avercamp: Winter landscape - Rijksmuseum - a presentation in stereoscopic 3D"
René van Gageldonk (The Netherlands)
"Monsters University"
Pixar Animation Studios (USA)
"Eurovision Young Dancers"
KUK Filmproduction (Germany)
"CELLmicrocosmos Cell Modeling SS2012"
Christian Bender, Tobias Hoppe, Björn Sommer (Germany)
"To Space & Back 3D Trailer"
Sky-Skan in association with The Franklin Institute (USA)
"The Blue Umbrella"
Pixar Animation Studios (USA)


winner cupBest of Show
(3D Live Action)

"Ninety Three Million Miles"
Site-Eye Time-Lapse Films (directors: Brian McClave and Gavin Peacock) (UK)
winner cupBest of Show
(3D CGI)

"Nuts & Robbers"
ToonBox Entertainment Ltd. (Canada) and Redrover Co., Ltd. (South Korea)
"3D Clouds Throughout the Day"
Masuji Suto (Japan)
"The Art Of Flight 3D"
Red Bull Media House in association with Brain Farm Digital Cinema (USA)
"Cosmic Encounters"
Jürgen Hansen & Simone Stripp (France)
"Bolts & Blip: Battle of the Lunar League - Movie Trailer"
ToonBox Entertainment Ltd. and Redrover Co., Ltd. (Canada)
"The Best of 3DGuy"
Al Caudullo (USA)
"Fugaku Hyakkei - 3D Converted Ukiyo-e Japanese Woodblock Prints"
Waseda University, Toppan Printing Co., Ltd (Japan)
"Get Lost in 3D"
Andrew Woods (Australia)
Per Nyman (Sweden)
"Prometheus Cave"
Studio DKS (Georgia)
"Moonglow - The Lives"
Chang Hae-Rang (South Korea)
"Stereoscopic Memories from Catalonia"
Lluís Dubreuil (Spain)
Volker Kuchelmeister (Australia)
"Balloon in the City"
Cheers Elephant (band), Ryan Suits (director) (USA)
"The Charlatan"
Ray Zone (USA)
"Canals of Amsterdam"
Masuji Suto (Japan)
"China Cup International Regatta 2012"
Film Magic Limited (Hong Kong)
"Sawdust Teaser"
Wayne Schoenfeld and Anthony Coogan (USA)
"Dream Defenders"
Tiny Island Productions Pte Ltd (Singapore)
"The Collection"
Andrew Murchie (UK)
"The Chopin Shorts Collection: 3D; Papa's Boy"
BreakThru Films (producer: Hugh Welchman) (Poland)
"The Chopin Shorts Collection: 3D; Spirits of the Piano"
BreakThru Films (producer: Hugh Welchman) (Poland)
"Make Every Second Count: Jim Dellevalle's Chapter"
Nat Bartholomew (USA)
"The End of the Dark Ages of the Universe"
Ralf Kaehler (SLAC), Marcelo Alvarez (CITA) & Tom Abel (SLAC) (USA)
"Eastern State Penitentiary"
Terry Wilson (USA)
Demonstration Category
(NB: items in the demonstration category were not judged for the Best of Show or Honorary Mention awards)
"Soulmates 3D"
The S3D Centre (Canada)
"Storm Surfers 3D"
6ixty Foot Films (Australia)
"Digital Darkroom: The Art of 3D"
Steven Kochones (USA)
"Finding Nemo 3D"
Pixar Animation Studios (USA)
"Flying Swords of Dragon Gate"
Bona Entertainment Company Limited (China)
"A Day in the Life of an Audi Driver - Audi Le Mans"
Chris Curtis for Passion Pictures (UK)
"Karatchi Scramble"
Chris Casady (USA)
Parus Studio in collaboration with Tritone Studio (Latvia)
"James Stewart 3D"
GoPro Media Team (USA)
"London 2012 Olympic Games"
Olympic Broadcasting Service (UK)
"Titans of the Ice Age"
Giant Screen Films (USA)
"Mapping Change in Sierra Nevada Forests"
Steven McQuinn (USA)
"Intel 3D-TRI-GATE Trailer"
KUK Filmproduction Munich (Germany)
"The Last Reef"
Giant Screen Films (USA)
"La Luna"
Pixar Animation Studios (USA)


winner cupBest of Show
“All Is Not Lost”
OK Go and Pilobolus (USA)

Honorary Mention
“The Blackpool Tower 4D Experience”
Sharp Cookies Ltd. (UK)

“Sony Two Worlds”
Sony and Grey London (USA/UK)

“Ancient Russia 3D”
Andrey Anokhin (Russia)

Santiago Caicedo (Colombia)

“Dimension3 2011 Trailer”
Dimension3 (France)

“Random42 Showreel”
Hugo Paice (UK)

Digital Revolution Studios (USA)

“Hong Kong Skydrive”
Volker Kuchelmeister (Australia)

“My Dream”
Joy Park (Korea)

Brian Drake and Jhonathan Florez (USA)

Jonny Greenwald, et al (USA)

“Dancing Girls”
Norma Kamali / 21st Century 3D (USA)

“Monster vs. Mini 3D”
Mini Cooper/BSUR/Camp David/WW7/21st Century 3D (USA)

“C30 Electric Crash Tests in 3D”
Volvo Cars Corporation (Sweden)

“The Bird Man”
Yoshihiro Funabashi (Japan)

“Make Every Second Count”
Nat Bartholomew (USA)



Demonstration Category
(NB: items in the demonstration category were not judged for the Best of Show or Honorary Mention awards)

“Brave (trailer)”
Pixar Animation Studios (USA)

“3D from 2D: HMAS Sydney II in 3D”
Curtin University (Australia)

“Scrat's Continental Crack-up, parts 1 and 2”
20th Century Fox, Blue Sky Studios (USA)

“3D Mash-Up 2011”
Lightspeed Design, Inc. (USA)

“See You Later”
Amusic and Digital Magic Limited (Hong Kong)

“The 30 Second Intermezzo”
Chris Casady (USA)

“3D Bubble Mania Extended Cut”
Peck Media (USA)

“Soar Over Asteroid Vesta in 3D”
NASA / JPL-Caltech (USA)

“PlayStation 3 Stereoscopic Games Selection”
Sony Computer Entertainment (UK)

“Galaxy Mergers in the Early Universe”
Ralf Kaehler and Tom Abel (USA)

TV3, Televisió de Catalunya (Spain)

“Universe in a Coffee Cup”
Takashi Sekitani (Japan)

“GoPro 3D: Highlight Reel 2011”
GoPro Media Team (USA)

“Le Fantôme de l'Opéra (The Phantom of the Opera) (1929) (restored in 3D)”
Carl Hernz (USA)

“De-Visions 3D”
Ryan Suits (USA)

“NVIDIA 3D Vision thriller”
GALI-3D s.r.o. (Czech Republic)

“John Carter (trailer)”
Disney (USA)

Viu en 3D! (Live in 3D)”
TV3, Televisió de Catalunya (Spain)

“The Shadower”
Jenny Januszewski (USA)

“Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra 3D”
KUK Filmproduktion and Fraunhofer HHI (Germany)

“Humor and Heartache of War”
Digital Revolution Studios (USA)

“Monkey King”
Sight, Sound & Action and Digital Magic Ltd (Hong Kong)

“Cycle 3D (trailer)”
Andrew Murchie, Enhanced Dimensions (UK)




winner cupBest of Show
(3D CGI)

"Fractal Odyssey"
John Hart and Jerry Oldaker (USA)
winner cupBest of Show
(3D Live Action)

"White Knuckles"
winner cupBest of Show
(3D VFX)

"Dead Boring 3D"
Dave Edwardz, AFTRS (Australia)
Honorary Mention
(3D CGI)

"Holy Moly"
Passmore Lab (USA)
Honorary Mention
(3D Live Action)

"Stereo Timelapse"
Takashi Sekitani, StereoEyE (Japan)
Honorary Mention
(3D VFX)

"Experiments in Stereoscopic Imaging"
Volker Kuchelmeister, UNSW iCinema Centre (Australia)
Riku Naskali (Finland)
"Hong Kong - Potential Unlimited"
Digital Magic (Hong Kong)
"Ztring Theory"
Karl Bryhn & Jo Eldčen, Chiptoons (Norway)
"Go Kia"
Dzignlight (USA)
"The Girl Who Had No Fear"
John Hart (Boulder CO USA)
"Gloria (The Death of Me)"
Andrew Murchie, Enhanced Dimensions (UK)
"My Best Stuff!"
Nat Bartholomew, Spinteck (USA)
"Plasticity 3D"
Ryan Suits, Atomic Cheesecake Productions (USA)
"Mercedes-Benz 3D 2010"
Lightspeed Design (USA)
"The Army Learning Concept 2015"
Digital Revolution Studios (USA)
"Smart Action 3D"
Korean Broadcast Service (South Korea)
"The Solo Adventures 3D"
The Digital Animation and Visual Effects School (USA)
"Jack Daniels Whisky Company"
GALI-3D, Arnold Prague (Czech Republic)
"Highly Strung"
Buzzbomb Media (Australia)
Passmore Lab (USA)
"3D Safari: Africa"
Digital Revolution Studios (USA)
"Coming Home"
Rehela Jagric (Slovenia)
"Citrullus Lanatus"
Argyris Theos (Greece)
"3D MOOD Aquarium"
Lightspeed Design, Inc. (USA)
"Spinteck 3-D Shorts"
Nat Bartholomew, Spinteck (USA)
"Waiting for the End, Linkin Park"
Passmore Lab (USA)
Demonstration Category
(NB: items in the demonstration category were not judged for the Best of Show or Honorary Mention awards)
"Go Ahead!"
U-Staff (Japan)
"Invincible Tiger - The Legend of Han Tao"
Blitz Games Studios (UK)
"21st Century 3D Demo Reel"
21st Century 3D (USA)
"Keitai Deka - Zenigata Yui"
BS-TBS Inc. (Japan)
"2009 Stereo Clips"
Enxebre (Spain)
"Une Nuit Au Cirque 3D"
Olivier Kauffer and Fabien Remblier (France)
"Gnomeo and Juliet (trailer)"
Walt Disney Studios (USA)
"Hidden 3D (Opening Title Sequence)"
Dzignlight Studios (USA)
"Immersive PC Games with NVIDIA 3D Vision"
various games companies
"Maker Faire"
Stone Circle Productions (USA)
"3D AFL Grand Final (Australian Rules Football)"
Seven Network (Australia) and 3Ality Digital (USA)
"StreetDance 3D (trailer)"
Paradise FX (USA)
"Tekkonkinkreet - 3D digest"
Tekkonkinkreet Program Committee (Japan)
"Garo Red Requiem 3D"
Keita Amemiya (Japan)


winner cupBest of Show
(Computer Graphics, non-theatrical)

"Cosmic Origins"
Dr. Nick Holliman, Durham University Visualization Laboratory (United Kingdom)
winner cupBest of Show
(Live Action, non-theatrical)

"The Caretaker 3D"
Produced by Jeff Amaral, directed by Sean Isroelit, filmed by Allen Daviau ASC, using 3Ality Digital's TS-2 stereoscopic camera. (United States)
"The Last Reef"
Giant Screen Films. 4K 3D Digital Mastering by FotoKem. (United States)
"Ultimate Wave Tahiti"
Production of The Stephen Low Company in association with K2 Communications and havoc Television (United States)
"Wild Ocean"
Giant Screen Films and Yes/No Productions (United States)
"Ding Dong"
Digital Magic (Hong Kong)
Celambarasan Ramasamy (United States)
"The Animal Paradise"
NHK Media Technology, Inc. (Japan)
"Old Country"
Digital Magic (Hong Kong)
Eric Kurland (United States)
"Gocciole Pavesi - CHE CINEMA LA GIUNGLA!"
PostOffice reloaded (Italy)
"FourPlay 3D"
Andrew Murchie, Enhanced Dimensions (United Kingdom)
"Planet You"
The Health Museum and 21st Century 3D (United States)
"CEVRAMOK VR center"
GALI-3D s.r.o. (Czech Republic)
"One Small Step"
Swinburne University (Australia)
Takashi Sekitani (Japan)
3Ality Digital (United States)
"Walks along Rostov-on-Don"
Igor Daurov (Russian Federation)
"Beauty and the Beast 3D (Teaser)"
Walt Disney Animation Studios (United States).
"Trailer for Dimension 3 Forum"
Cube / Dimension 3 Forum (France)
"ED-Special FX"
Stereoscape (Finland)
"Annie Goes Boating"
Noel Paul (United States)
"Hawaii 3D - Kona Underwater"
Voyage Films (United States)
"Blessing of the Animals"
William Meredith, Stone Circle Productions, Inc. (United States)
"Essentia: Suicide in Chinatown 3D"
Karisma Films (Finland)
Marten Reiß (Germany)
"Red Crabs 3D"
Mark Simpfendorfer Productions (Australia)
"A Taste of Gaudi"
Tom Koester (United States)
"Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) Insertion Orbit"
Helen-Nicole Kostis, Greg Shirah, Ernest Wright; Scientific Visualization Studio, NASA/GSFC and Univ. of Maryland Baltimore County (US)
"Tractor Assemble"
Eric Deren, Dzignlight Studios (United States)
"Decks, Wind and Snow"
Eric Deren, Dzignlight Studios (United States)
"Robinzon Cruise"
Film studio "STEREOKINO" - 1947 year production. Transfer to 3D digital format in 2009 by Russian Cinema and Photo Research Institute (NIKFI)
Director & D.P. Kasimir Lehto (Finland)
Funded by Cultural Heritage Administration of Korea; Produced by Graduate School of Culture Technology, KAIST (Korea, Republic of)


winner cupBest of Show (Live Action)
"Fireworks Symphony"
Takashi Sekitani, StereoEye (Japan)
winner cup Best of Show (CG)
"Scalable City"
University of California San Diego (USA)
"Coraline 3D (Trailer)" by Laika Studios (USA) "Bolt 3D" by Walt Disney Animation Studios (USA)
by NUKUFILM (Estonia) and NIKFI (Russia)
by Pietro Carlomagno
(music: Riccardo Castaldi)
"Legends of the Sky" (in production) (preview footage)
by K2 Communications
"Mr Egg - The Great Magician" by Bronislav Vavrinka & GALI-3D s.r.o. (Czech Republic)
"Bubble Hunters"
by Dan Ridley-Ellis (Napier University, Edinburgh, UK)
"Milky Way"
by Tokyo Polytechnic University (Japan)
"Plane Fancy"
by Thomas R Koester (USA)
"Time Voyagers"
by Gardaland (Italy)
"The Witch Way"
by 3D Experience (UK)
by Team 3xperimentia (Australia)
"Colours of Australia"
by Jumbo Vision International (Australia)
"Delusion 3D"
by Virtual Experience (Germany)
by Celine Tricart (France)
"Czech National Forest"
by Forests Czech Republic n.p., Communication agency Kristian s.r.o. & GALI-3D s.r.o. (Czech Republic)
"Maijishan Grotto"
by Waseda University, Toppan Printing and Peking University (Japan)
by Andrzej Waluk (Poland)
"Bigger than Big"
by Swinburne University of Technology (Australia)
"The Little Things"
by Swinburne University of Technology (Australia)
"Mine Lifeline LLC"
by Dzignlight Studios (USA)
"Menger Abstraction"
by Dzignlight Studios (USA)
"Ghost Car"
by Stereo Club of Southern California (USA)
"The making of Slow Glass"
by Thomas R Koester (USA)
"Image Fusion, 3DHD Brain Surgery"
by tree-D Films in collaboration with TrueVision Systems, Inc. (USA)
"LRO Scouts for Safe Landing Sites"
by Helen-Nicole Kostis, University of Maryland Baltimore County & Scientific Visualization Studio, GSFC/NASA (USA)
"Yosemite 3D (Preview Trailer)"
by 3D Film Factory (USA)
"Mermaid Parade"
by Stone Circle Productions (USA)
"Spatial Art: A Thousand Year of Thought"
by NHK Media Technology (Japan)
"The Curse of Skull Rock"
by Ben Smith; Red Star 3D (UK)
"3ality Digital show reel (including U23D, Chuck)"
by 3ality Digital (USA)
by Justin Knowles (USA)
by Björk (Iceland) and Encyclopediapictura (USA)
"Call of the Wild 3D (trailer)"
by 21st Century 3D (USA)
by Kadokawa Pictures, Arisawa Mfg, and Waseda University (Japan)
"Ultimate Wave" (in production) (preview footage)
by K2 Communications (USA)


winner cupBest of Show (Live Action)
"3D Skydiving"
by Dzignlight Studios (USA)
winner cup Best of Show (CG)
"Super Sonogong"
by Digital Magic Entertainment (South Korea)
"Family Guy - Tie-Fighter vs. Millennium Falcon"
by 20th Century Fox (USA)
"Before and After"
by Jim Long (USA)
by University of Cambridge (UK) and Pictures on the Wall (UK)
"Bungee Fishing" by Michal Husak, Gali-3D and Bronislav Vavrinka, Secondary School of Applied Cybernetics (Czech Republic)
"Chain vs. Rock"
by Curtin University (Australia) and Welaptega Marine (Canada)
"Moving Still"
by Santiago Caicedo (Colombia)
"Seeing the Sun in 3D"
by NASA's STEREO Mission (USA), Editing: WASP (Australia)
"The Complete Perseus"
by The Visualization Laboratory, Durham University (UK) and The Initiative in Innovative Computing, Harvard University (USA)
"da Vinci 3D HD surgical endoscope clips" by Lightspeed Design Group and Intuitive Surgical (USA) "Strabismus - Corrective Eye Surgery" by Tree-D films and TrueVision Systems (USA)
"Visualizing and Recording Stereoscopic Medical Operations in Real-Time" by ANDXOR Corporation (USA) "Dive!"
by Lightspeed Design Group (USA)
"Stereoscopic projection: adding value to 4D computational geoscience" by CSIRO (Australia) "Woods of the Heart"
by NHK Technical Service (Japan)
"Slow Glass"
by Stereo Club of Southern California (USA)
"The Towers of Simon Rodia"
by Thomas R. Koester (USA)
"The Ennis House"
by Thomas R. Koester (USA)
"The Little Match Girl" and other sport and concert 3D footage by Stereopia (South Korea)
"3D Sun"
by K2 Communications (USA)
"Philips WOWvx 3D technology demo"
by Philips (Netherlands)
by Stereoscape (Finland)
"Dzignlight 3D demo reel"
by Dzignlight Studios (USA)
"Fly Me to the Moon"
by nWave Pictures (Belgium)
"Majestic Lion"
by nWave Pictures (Belgium)
"African Elephant and White Rhino"
by nWave Pictures (Belgium)
by SK Films (Canada)
"21st Century 3D demo reel"
by 21st Century 3D (USA)
"HUMIRA Freedom"
by 21st Century 3D (USA)
"Wacky Wolf"
by Digital Magic Entertainment Ltd (South Korea)
"Night of the Living Dead 3D"
by Lux Digital Pictures (USA)
"Beowulf 3D" (excerpts)
by Sony Pictures Imageworks (USA)


winner cupBest of Show (Live Action)
"The Time of Illusion"
by NHK Technical Service (Japan)
winner cupBest of Show (CG)
"FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour"
by Haptics (South Africa) and Crew 972 (Israel)
by NFB Canada
"I am Calling You - Backstage"
by Fast Forward with Carlomagno (Italy)
"Loop... 3D Adventures of a Solution Provider"
by Fast Forward with Carlomagno (Italy)
by GV Films, Ltd. (India)
"Test Piece 01"
by Takashi Kawai and Kei Shichiri (Japan)
"Visionsense Stereoscopic Endoscopy"
by Visionsense (Israel and USA)
"Pompei 79AD"
by Virtualand (Italy)
"Death Valley 3D Daze"
by Tree-D Films (USA)
"Alertness Matters"
by Hall Media (USA)
by ACE a.s. (Czech Republic)
"Pool Shark"
by Neil Alexand and GALI-3D (Czech Republic)
"Pig Story"
by Secondary School of Applied Cybernetics and GALI-3D (Czech Republic)
"St Valentines Shoe"
by Secondary School of Applied Cybernetics and GALI-3D (Czech Republic)
"Real Time OPENGL stereo capture to file"
by GALI-3D (Czech Republic)
"Space Station in 3D"
by European Space Agency (Netherlands)
"Born of a Car"
by Skoda Auto Multimedia team and GALI-3D (Czech Republic)
"Lenny Lipton and Ray Zone at World 3D Expo II"
by 21st Century 3D (USA)
"Humira 3D"
by 21st Century 3D (USA)
"Avandia 2006"
by 21st Century 3D (USA)
"3DVX3.5 Live Action Demo 2007"
by 21st Century 3D (USA)
"Mitsubishi Outlander"
by BUG Norway
"World of 3D"
by Lightspeed Design Group (USA)
"Intelligent Vehicle Safety"
by Lightspeed Design Group (USA)
"DSV clips"
by Lightspeed Design Group (USA)
"'06 The Big One"
by Bernard Mendiburu (USA)
"Home of the Blizzard: The 1911-14 Australasian Antarctic Expedition Stereoscopic Photographic Record"
by Peter Morse, UWA (Australia)
"New York City in 3-D"
by Jeff Joseph / SabuCat Productions (USA)


"Space News in 3D"
by Enxebre Entertainment (Spain)
"Cosmic Cookery"
by University of Durham (UK)
"Desarrollo Sostenible (Sustainable Development)"
by University of Zaragoza (Spain)
"Battle for Treasure Castle"
by 3D Experience (UK)
"Underwater Chain 3D"
by Curtin University of Technology (Australia) and Welaptega Marine (Canada)
"daVinci robot test target manipulation"
by Intuitive Surgical (USA)
"Up Denali 3D (teaser)"
by Tree-D films (USA)

"Misadventures in 3D"
by nWave (Belgium)

"Santa vs. the Snowman"
by O Entertainment (USA)

"Paratech rescue equipment corporate film"
by Lightspeed Design Group (USA)

"Kings City, Eilat Israel Preshow"
by Lightspeed Design Group (USA)
by NFB Canada

"PB Heading for the Future"
by Parsons Brinkerhoff (USA)
"Livin' LG"
by 21st Century 3D (USA)
"The Gates 3D"
by 21st Century 3D (USA)
by Phil McNally / Captain 3D
"Monk Seals" (preview)
by Arquimedes (Portugal & Spain)
"Wasol Demo"
by Wasol (South Korea)
included clips from Haunted Lighthouse 4D, Wings Over The North: A 4D Bush Plane Adventure, SpongeBob SquarePants 3D, Corkscrew Hill, and Lego Racers 4D "SimEx-Iwerks 'Super 3-D' Demo Reel"
by Simex / Iwerks (USA)
"The World Heritage 'Shiretoko' and other samples"
by NHK Technical Services (Japan)
"The Polar Express"
by Warner Brothers Pictures (USA)


"Falling in Love Again"
by The National Film Board of Canada (NFB)
"Moon Man"
by The National Film Board of Canada (NFB)
by NHK Technical Services (Japan)
by Lightspeed Design Group (USA)
"Choices Homero"
by Lightspeed Design Group (USA)
"Giants Exist"
Continuum Resources (Australia) for Whale World (Australia)
"3D Aurora"
by Brian McClave and George Millward (UK)
"Metro Safety Kids"
by Dynamic Digital Depth (USA and Australia) for the Los Angeles Metro Transit Authority (USA)
"The Bermuda Triangle Undersea Adventure"
by Powderkeg (USA)
"The Creeps"
by '3D for your TV' (USA)

"Alaska 3D - Flora, Fauna and Fishin! (teaser)" and "Carstensz Pyramid - Adventure in Irian Jaya (teaser)"
by Tom Riederer, TreeD films
"Avandia 2004"
by 21st Century 3D (USA)
"Swimming with Phytoplankton"
Iona Scott for Kew Gardens (UK)
"Barney (the Owl) in 3D" (informal title)
by Inition (UK) for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) (UK)
"Toyota product shots" (informal title)
by Cobalt Entertainment (USA)


"The Dolphin Animation"
by Lightspeed Design Group
Continental Teves "Safely There"
by Lightspeed Design Group
"The Toughest Sport on Dirt"
by Paradise FX Corp
"SOS Planet"
by nWave pictures
"Jako and the Pet Thief"
by Enxebre Sistemas
"Je Te Aime"
by Enxebre Sistemas
"Ritos y Leyendas de la Catedral"
by Enxebre Sistemas
"Talking Fish in 3D"
by Enxebre Sistemas
"Zaragoza in 3D"
by Tresdedos
"Cyberheidi 3D"
by Virtual Experience
"Unisys Business Blueprinting"
by 21st Century 3D
"Avandia 2003"
by 21st Century 3D
"Vision tests"
by NHK Science & Technical Research Laboratories
"Simulation R"
by NHK Technical Services, Inc.
"A Tinkerdoodle Christmas"
by Powderkeg


"Lightspeed Design Group 3D Show Reel"
by Lightspeed Design Group
"HD3D Sports Demo"
by Paradise FX
by BRTRC, EFX, and Paradise FX Corp.
"Nekrofilm 3D Sampler"
by Nekrofilm

"A Slice of the World"
by Nekrofilm

"Ali Baba's Jewel Quest"
by Multi-Dimensional Studios

"Phantom Loop"
by Multi-Dimensional Studios

"Mundo 3D"
by 3D World Argentina
"Ultimate G's"
by Slingshot Entertainment
"Avandia 2002"
by 21st Century 3D
"Pfizer Vfend"
by 21st Century 3D
"Aconcagua - The Top of the Western World"
by Tree-D Films

"Africa 3D" (teaser)
by Tree-D Films



"Corkscrew Hill"
by Kleiser-Walzcak
"Santa Lights Up New York"
by Kleiser-Walzcak
"The Box"
by NHK Technical Services
by Brian McClave
"Encounter in the Third Dimension"
by nWave Pictures

"Haunted Castle"
by nWave Pictures

"Fresh Ideas Inspired by Dreams"
by 21st Century 3D



"The Amazing Adventures Of Spider-Man"
by Universal Studios / Kleiser-Walzcak
"Monsters of Grace"
by Kleiser-Walzcak
"The DDD Spot"
by Dynamic Digital Depth
"Intel Delivers"
by Delphi Productions
"Blazer in the Third Dimension"
by Media Odyssey
"The Pearl Sea"
by NHK Technical Services
"The World of Kapo the Clown"
by EjeZeta
"Not Your Average Ski Movie"
by Ray3D


"The Color of Gold"
by Ice Man Cinema
by Studio 3D
C3D corporate demonstration video
by C3D Television


"A New Dimension in Transport"
by StereoMedia Productions (USA)
"The Diary of K.W."
by StereoMedia Productions (USA)
"Space Rescue"
"A Virtual Visit to New York City"
by Ray3D (USA)

"A Night at the Opera"
by Ray3D (USA)
"Thrill Ride in 3D"
by CVA Film & TV for Scitech Discovery Centre (Australia)
"The British Council's Millennium Products"
by Brian McClave (UK)
"The Three D Approach"
by Media Odyssey (Australia)
by Visual Alchemy (USA)

The Philadelphia Flyers promotion
by D3P Multidimensional Media (USA)


"Travels in Guatemala"
by Ray 3D (USA)

"Hot Air Ballooning in the Colorado Rockies"
by Ray 3D (USA)
"Motor Rhythm"
by John Norling
"Doom Town"
Titanic in 3D
by Emory Kristof (USA)


"Terminator 2: 3-D: Battle Across Time"
by Universal Studios (USA)
"Concerto in 3D"
by Animusic and VREX (USA)
by D3P Multidimensional Media (USA)


"Secret World" (Peter Gabriel Concert)
by StereoMedia Productions, Doug Brown, Jean-Philippe Gay & Anthony Coogan (USA)
"Cirque de Soleil - Saltimbanco"
by StereoMedia Productions, Doug Brown, Jean-Philippe Gay & Anthony Coogan (USA)

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