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Stereoscopic Displays and Applications XX (2009)
Proceedings of the SPIE Volume 7237

Discussion Forum

Two discussion forums were held at the 2009 Stereoscopic Displays and Applications conference.

The first considered "Standards to Enable Ubiquitous 3D Display". The panel chaired by Nick Holliman consisted of Mike Robinson (RealD, USA), James Tam (CRC, Canada), Howard Postley, (3ality Digital, USA) and Jeroen Brouwer (Philips 3D Solutions, USA).

discussion forum 1
[1] The 'standards' discussion forum in action.

discussion forum 2
[2] (left to right) Nick Holliman (University of Durham), Mike Robinson (Real D), Howard Postley (3ality Digital), Jeroen Brouwer (Philips 3D Solutions). and James Tam (CRC, Canada).

The second panel asked “3D Gaming: what is it going to take to go big time?” The panel was chaired by Neil Schneider from MTBS3D (Canada) and the panelists were Andrew Fear (NVIDIA Corporation, USA), Bob Eminian (iZ3D LLC, USA), Julien Flack (Dynamic Digital Depth, USA), and Chris Ward (Lightspeed Design Inc, USA).

discussion forum 2
[3] The 'gaming' discussion forum in action.

discussion forum 2
[4] (left to right) Neil Schneider (MTBS3D), Bob Eminian (iZ3D LLC), Andrew Fear (NVIDIA Corporation), Julien Flack (Dynamic Digital Depth), and Chris Ward (Lightspeed Design Inc).

The discussion forums always provide an interesting venue for the open discussion of topics of wide interest to the stereoscopic community.  As with previous years there was again good interaction with the audience with several questions coming from the floor during both discussion forums. 

These two sessions were video recorded and we hope to make the videos of these sessions available at some point. If you can help, please contact the conference committee.

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