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Photo Album of the
Stereoscopic Displays and Applications XX (2009) Conference

The 20th Anniversary SD&A Conference Dinner

This year's conference dinner was again held at BoTown Chinese Restaurant in downtown San Jose - close to the Convention Center.

This year we had something to celebrate - 20 years of the SD&A conference!

SD&A dinner
After the meal, we had a few speeches and some historic photos from the 1991 SD&A conference.

Below are the ten tables of SD&A conference attendees at the dinner.

SD&A dinner
[1] clockwise from front left: Hazel Blythe (University of Southampton), Simon Liversedge (University of Southampton), Nick Holliman (Durham University), Justus Ilgner (University Hospital Aachen), Takashi Kawai (Waseda University), Nobuaki Abe (Waseda University), Takashi Shibata (Waseda University).

SD&A dinner
[2] clockwise from front left: Ron Labbe (Studio 3D), David Klutho (Sports Illustrated), Terry Wilson (Terryfic), John Toeppen (Holographics), Vivian Walworth (StereoJet), John Roll (TRG), Chris Smith (Kerner Optical R&D).

SD&A dinner
[3] clockwise from front left: Vincent Chan (Ryerson University), Luis Perez-Bayas, John Merritt (far left) (The Merritt Group), Stephan R. Keith (SRK Graphics Research), Andreas Gerndt (German Aerospace Center), Silvia Ruzanka (University of Hartford), Margaret Dolinsky (Indiana University), Carolina Cruz-Neira (University of Louisiana at Lafayette), Perry Hoberman (University of Southern California), Benjamin Chang (School of the Art Institute of Chicago).

SD&A dinner
[4] clockwise from front left: Yong Ju Jung (Samsung Electronics), Tim Connelly, James Tam (CRC Canada), Kazuhisa Yanaka (Kanagawa Institute of Technology), David Cook (NVIDIA), Samuel Zhou (IMAX).

SD&A dinner
[5] clockwise from front left: Collin Brack (University of Texas Medical Branch), Neil Schneider (MTBD 3D), Pam Swartz (MTBS 3D), Nathalie Faudeux (Dimension 3 Expo), Stephan Faudeux (Dimension 3 Expo), Didier Debons (Telerelief), Laurent Lucas (University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne CReSTIC), Yannick Renion (University of Reims Champagne Ardenue CReSTic), Isabelle de Montagu (Telerelief), David Page (Third Dimension Technologies).

SD&A dinner
[6] clockwise from front left: ???, Stephen Jolly (BBC), ???, ???, ???, Carsten Dolar (University of Dortmund), Thimo Emmerich (Sony), Sebastian Sylwan (Autodesk).

SD&A dinner
[7] clockwise from front left: Julien Flack (Dynamic Digital Depth), ???, Colin Miller (SPECIAL/AWESOME), Ray Zone (The 3D Zone), Art Berman (Insight Media), Lenny Lipton (Real D), Jason Goodman (21st Century 3D), Linda Law (Linda Law Holographics), Chris Ward (Lightspeed Design).

SD&A dinner
[8] clockwise from front left: Michael Brauss (Proto Mfg), Bart Barenbrug (Philips), Michael DeValue (Disney), Jeroen Brouwer (Philips), Morten Leikvoll (Cyviz), Nick Gent (Cyviz), ???, ???, ???.

SD&A dinner
[9] clockwise from front left: Mike Weissman (TrueVision Systems), Michal Husak (Gali-3D), Bernard Mendiburu (, David Mark (Kerner Optical R&D), Neil Dodgson (Cambridge University), Gregg Favalora (Actuality Medical), Christian Laforte (Feeling Software), Kurt Hoffmeister (Mechdyne), Andrew Woods (Curtin University of Technology).

SD&A dinner
[10] clockwise from front left: JongMo Seo (Seoul National University), HyunJoong Kong (Seoul National University), ???, Daniel Merritt, Pat Billingsley, Anna Merritt, John Merritt (The Merritt Group), SeungWoo Noh (Seoul National University).

All photographs © 2009 Andrew Woods or Neil Schneider.

Stereoscopic Displays and Applications conference

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