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Stereoscopic Displays and Applications XI

The Demonstrations

The demonstration session is an extremely valuable part of the conference - allowing attendees to see with their own eyes the stereoscopic images displayed by many different types of displays.

This year, for the first time, most of the images in this page are stereoscopic - signified by a glasses icon in the corner. See the information at the bottom of this page for instructions on how to view these images in 3D.

Steve Aubrey from Aubrey Imaging displayed a number of large anaglyph phantograms of the cities of San Francisco and San Jose. The effect is the ultimate in orthostereoscopy. Pictured: (left) attendees view the phantograms with red/blue glasses, (right) Boris Starosta and Luis Perez Bayas have a closer look.

Vivian Walworth from Rowland Institute for Science displayed some of their latest Stereojet transparencies. Pictured: Vivian Walworth.

San Francisco Imaging Services displayed a wide selection of transparency- and reflection-mode Stereojet images. Pictured: Lowell Noble has a closer look.

C.-H. Tsai and Neil Stringer were available to discuss their poster papers "Fabrication of a large F-number lenticular plate and its use as a small-angle flat-top diffuser in autostereoscopic display screens" [3957-17] and "Using enhanced disparity information under telepresence [3957-43]" (respectively).

Graham Woodgate of Sharp Labs Europe demonstrated their parallax-barrier-based autostereoscopic display, which provides a special alignment strip at the bottom of the image to allow the viewer to easily align him or herself to the correct viewing zone.

Bryan Costales and Marcia Flynt of SL3D Inc. demonstrated their stereoscopic microscope using the single lens 3D approach and a range of SL3D 35mm slides.

Dynamic Digital Depth demonstrated their field-sequential demultiplexer and Curtin University demonstrated the DV120 3D video standards converter.

David Mark from Mark Resources demonstrated a selection of stereoscopic prints in lenticular, anaglyph, and parallax-barrier format.

Boris Starosta demonstrated a wide selection of anaglyph stereoscopic prints ranging from wholly computer generated, to 2D to 3D conversions, to photographic images shot in 3D.

Toshiki Gunji from Ibaraki University demonstrated the "Scope Cache" system to David Drascic, illustrating how the problem of time lag between the measurement of a viewer's head position and the subsequent display of images on a computer screen can be reduced by advanced algorithms.

Oliver Schmidt from Vision Drei demonstrated their field-sequential 3D frame-doubler.

Dresden University of Technology demonstrated their eye position detection system for use in Autostereoscopic display systems.

Susumu Nakajima from Tokyo University (Tokyo, Japan) showed an integral photography based autostereoscopic display as an example of the use of stereoscopic technology for surgical planning. Pictured: (left) Susumu Nakajima, (right) Michael Weissman holds an integral photograph.

The hallway outside the conference hosted a holography display in support of the Holography conference.

All photographs © 2000 Andrew Woods.

Pictures with the glasses logo ( ) in the corner were taken with a stereoscopic camera and are available for you to view in 3D. The images are in the stereoscopic jpeg (jps) format and can be viewed with the VREX depthcharge plug-in. The Stereoscope java applet is another method by which these images can be viewed - the code for this option will be installed on this site shortly. Once you have the VREX depthcharge viewer installed, just click on the images to view them with either LC shutter glasses, anaglyph glasses or by free-viewing.

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Stereoscopic Displays and Applications conference

Maintained by: Andrew Woods
Revised: 10 May, 2000.