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Stereoscopic Displays and Applications XI

The Conference

This page provides snapshots of a few moments at the conference.

This year, for the first time, most of the images in this page are stereoscopic - signified by a glasses icon in the corner. See the information at the bottom of this page for instructions on how to view these images in 3D.

This year's Keynote presentation was by Chris Condon, a pioneer in the design of single-strip stereocinematography systems for feature films (e.g. the StereoVision system) and in the presentation of special-venue stereoscopic films. Pictured: (left) Mike Weissman and Chris Condon, (right) Chris Condon.

These shots are very reminiscent of the famous photograph in LIFE magazine of the audience watching Bwana Devil. In this case the audience were watching the stereoscopic presentations in Chris Condon's keynote presentation.

A random photograph of the audience taken during the keynote presentation. The 35mm projectors used for stereoscopic slide projection are visible in the top left of shot.
This year we were again able to display high quality large screen stereoscopic video images thanks to the help of Brad Nelson from Nelsonex. We must also thank David Mark for providing the dual video output computer for stereoscopic computer projection and Ed Silver from San Francisco Imaging Services for offering free Stereojet transparencies for authors' presentations. Pictured: (from left) Brad Nelson, Andrew Woods & David Mark, and a tonne of equipment in the background.

Equipment used for stereoscopic projection included: "3D Black Screen" non-depolarising rear-projection screen (Nelsonex), two large silver lenticular screens (rental), two SXGA LCD projectors (rental), two QD7000 video line doublers (Nelsonex), one QD1200 video field demultiplexer (Nelsonex), one DV120 3D Video standards converter (Curtin Uni), one multistandard SVHS VCR (rental), one Betacam SP video deck (Nelsonex), two 35mm projectors stacked vertically on a chieftan rack (rental), polarisers and miles of cable.

Pictured from left: Lowell Noble, John Merritt, Chris Condon.

All photographs © 2000 Andrew Woods.

Pictures with the glasses logo ( ) in the corner were taken with a stereoscopic camera and are available for you to view in 3D. The images are in the stereoscopic jpeg (jps) format and can be viewed with the VREX depthcharge plug-in. The Stereoscope java applet is another method by which these images can be viewed - the code for this option will be installed on this site shortly. Once you have the VREX depthcharge viewer installed, just click on the images to view them with either LC shutter glasses, anaglyph glasses or by free-viewing.

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Stereoscopic Displays and Applications conference

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Revised: 10 May, 2000.