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Photo Album of the
Stereoscopic Displays and Applications XXII (2011) Conference

The 22nd Anniversary SD&A Conference Dinner

This year's conference dinner was held at a new venue, the El Torito Mexican Restaurant, because of the new venue of the conference.

SD&A dinner
[1] Clockwise from front left: (clockwise from front left) Jacques Verly, ???, ???, Nathalie Faudeux, Vince Power, (cross table) Ulrich Leiner, Stephan Faudeux, Samuel Zhou, Bernard Mendiburu.

SD&A dinner
[2] (clockwise from front left) Takashi Kawai, Jukka Hakkinen, Julien Flack

SD&A dinner
[3] (clockwise from front left) Perry Hoberman, Lenny Lipton, Mike Robinson, Nic Holliman, Shmuel Peleg.

SD&A dinner
[4] (clockwise from front left) Daniel Sandin, Richard Ainsworth, ???, Age Van Dalfsen.

SD&A dinner
[5] (clockwise from front left) Brad Nelson, Assaf Zomet, Gregg Favalora, (cross table) Glenn Casner, Tom Osborne, Stephan Keith.

SD&A dinner
[6] (clockwise from front left) Roger Olsson (Mid Sweden University), Chris Ward (Lightspeed Design) {cross table} John Merritt (The Merritt Group), Neil Dodgson (University of Cambridge), Justus Ilgner (Aachen University Hospital).

SD&A dinner
[7] (clockwise from front left) Hideki Kakeya, ???, ???, ??? {cross table} ???, ???.

SD&A dinner
[8] (clockwise from front left) Davide Gadia (Università Degli Studi di Milano), Inna Tsirlin (York University), Laurie Wilcox (York University) {cross table} Kevin MacKenzie (Bangor University), Karim Benzeroual (York University), Bart Kroon (Philips Research).

SD&A dinner
[9] {clockwise from front left} Filippo Speranza (Communications Research Centre), Kevin MacKenzie (Bangor University) {cross table} Inna Tsirlin (York University), Laurie Wilcox (York University), Mikko Kytö (Helsinki University of Technology), ???.

SD&A dinner
[10] (clockwise from front left) John Hart (Hart3D Films), ???, Ulrich Leiner (Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute) {cross table} Nathalie Faudeux (Avance Rapide), Vince Power (MacNaughton, Inc.), John Toeppen (Holo Graphics), ???, Eric Kurland (LA 3-D Club).

SD&A dinner
[11] (left to right) Gregg Favalora (Optics for Hire), Vivian Walworth (StereoJet), John Merritt (The Merritt Group).

SD&A dinner
[12] (left to right) Dan Lawrence (Lightspeed Design), Mike Weissman (TrueVision Systems), Dirk Smits (Photon Jets), George Polchin (TrueVision Systems), Andrew Woods (Curtin University).

If you know the name of someone who is unidentified, please let us know so we can update the list. Thanks!

All photographs © 2011 Andrew Woods.

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