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Photo Album of the
Stereoscopic Displays and Applications XVIII (2007) Conference

The SD&A Conference Dinner

This year's conference dinner was held at BoTown Chinese Restaurant in downtown San Jose - close to the Convention Center.

Andrew at Botown

Our Chair, Andrew Woods (Curtin University of Technology, Australia), and BoTown Hosts. Believe it or not, we've been there so many times they now know some of us by name. Maybe the badges help. ;-)

Below are the six tables of SD&A conference attendees at the dinner.

SD&A 2007 Attendees Table 1

Table 1, clockwise from front left: Steven Smith (IN3D, USA), Samuel Zhou (IMAX, Canada), Kasimir Lehto (Stereoscape, Finland), Sami Laitinen (Stereoscape, Finland), Aldo Pascarella (Pareto LLC, USA), Andrew Woods (Curtin University of Technology, Australia), ???, Ari Hollander (Imprint Interactive Technology, USA), Joel Kollin (University of Washington, USA).

SD&A 2007 Attendees Table 2

Table 2, Clockwise from front left: Boyd MacNaughton (MacNaughton Inc, USA), Vicky Sidley (Haptics, USA), Gert Van Hoey (Barco, USA), Jason Goodman (21st Century 3D, USA), ???, Benjamin Rose (North Carolina State University, USA), Robert-Paul Berretty (Philips, Netherlands), Julien Flack (Dynamic Digital Depth, Australia), Walter Funk (USA), Dan Lawrence (Lightspeed Design Group, USA), Chris Ward (Lightspeed Design Group, USA).

SD&A 2007 Attendees Table 3

Table 3, Clockwise from front left: ???, ???, Lutz Moehr (3D-CC, Germany), John Toeppen (USA), Colette Petrisot (France), Luis Perez-Bayas (University of Geneva, Switzerland), Stephan R Keith (SRK Graphics Research, USA), Dick De Boer (Philips, Netherlands), Qiang Huang (Zebra lmaging, USA).

SD&A 2007 Attendees Table 4

Table 4, Clockwise from front left: Sang Hyun Kim (Waseda University, Japan), Fumio Okuyama (Suzuka University of Medical Science, Japan), Shinsuke Kishi (Waseda University, Japan), Kazuhisa Yanaka (Kanagawa Institute of Technology, Japan), Peter Wimmer (, Austria), Raffaello Galli (ANDXOR Corporation, USA), Frank Henrich (ANDXOR Corporation, USA), Ed Lazarus (Bristlecone Corporation, USA), Justus Ilgner (Aachen University Hospital, Germany), Takashi Kawai (Waseda University, Japan).

SD&A 2007 Attendees Table 5

Table 5, Clockwise from front left: Mike Weissman (Truevision Systems, USA), Mike Robinson (RealD, ColorLink, USA), Kurt Hoffmeister (Fakespace Systems, USA), Neil Dodgson (University of Cambridge, UK), Nick Holliman (Durham University, UK), John Merritt (The Merritt Group, USA), Barbara Froner (Durham University, UK), Lyle Weber (Fakespace Systems, USA), Lawrence Kaufman (National Stereoscopic Association, USA).

SD&A 2007 Attendees Table 6

Table 6, Clockwise from front left: Gunn Sissel Dobakk (, Norway), Aslaug Schmidt (, Norway), Morten Skjelbred (, Norway), Gregg Favalora (Actuality Systems, USA), Vincent King (3M, USA), Harry Eshuis (Océ Technologies, The Netherlands), Tom Peterka (EVL, UIC, USA), Stephen Kupiec (MetroLaser, USA), David Mark (Mark Resources, USA).

All photographs © 2007 Andrew Woods. Page Design: Nick Holliman.

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