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Stereoscopic Displays and Applications XIII (2002) Conference

The Demonstrations

The demonstration session is an extremely valuable part of the conference - allowing attendees to see with their own eyes the equipment and systems discussed during the conference.

NeurOk (Russia) demonstrated their 3D display based on two stacked LCD panels.

Hideki Kakeya (University of Tsukuba, Japan) demonstrated a large lens autostereoscopic display in support of his poster paper.

VREX (Elmsford, New York) demonstrated a new 21" uPol based stereoscopic LCD flat panel display. Attendees wore linear polarised 3D glasses to view the display. VREX also demonstrated their dual LCD projector 3D projection system, which could be used with either the VREX VR-Video Converter or the Cyviz XPO.1. Again, attendees wore linear polarized glasses to view the projected 3D image. The playback source was a 3D DVD.

© 2002 Andrew Woods© 2002 Lenny Lipton
Chistophe Grossman from n4 (Hamburg, Germany) demonstrated a lenticular-based autostereoscopic display on a notebook computer.

Brad Nelson, Nelsonex (Los Gatos, California) and John Miller, Volumedia (Los Gatos, California) demonstrated a rear-projection 3D TV. Attendees wore linear polarized 3D glasses to view the stereoscopic images sourced from 3D DVD or a dual-head computer running several stereoscopic compatible games.

Stereographics Corporation (San Rafael, California) demonstrated two of their Synthagram monitors - an autostereoscopic display that outputs 9 different views from a flat panel LCD display using a slanted lenticular lens array. Footage shown was a selection of material converted from 2D to 3D by Dynamic Digital Depth.

Shojiro Nagata (InterVision, Japan) showed an image splitter prism attachment for taking side-by-side stereoscopic image pairs with a standard digital camera

Markus Andiel (University of Kassel, Germany) demonstrated his eye tracking solution using web-cams.

Chao-Hsu Tsai from the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) (Hsinchu, Taiwan) demonstrated a 3D micropolariser array LCD panel laptop computer that is viewed with linear polarised 3D glasses.

Dynamic Digital Depth (Perth, Australia and Santa Monica, California) demonstrated their Tridef 3D digital video player with a Stereographics Synthagram autostereoscopic monitor. Footage on show included a range of 2D to 3D converted music videos - as shown at Monday night's 3D video screening session. They also had on display their 3D video demultiplexer and 3D video scan doubler.

4D Vision (Germany) demonstrated the company's 15-inch 4DVision autostereoscopic display based on the use of a wavelength selective parallax barrier.

Vision Drei (Germany) demonstrated their 3D camera station and stereoscopic head mounted displays.

Jason Goodman (21st Century 3D, New York) showed an anaglyphic 3D print from a stereoscopic photograph taken of the New York World Trade Centre Towers pre- September 11.

Masako Omori (Nagoya University, Japan) presented material from her poster paper "Recognition of stereoscopic images among elderly people" from the Human Vision and Electronic Imaging VII conference. This paper will appear in Proceedings of SPIE Vol. 4662.

The four other poster authors were also available to discuss their poster papers during the demonstration session.

All photographs © 2002 Andrew Woods (unless otherwise noted).

The images on this page from Andrew Woods were taken with a FED stereoscopic camera (but are only presented in 2D here). Examples of stereoscopic images taken at previous SD&A conferences are available here and here.

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Stereoscopic Displays and Applications conference

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Revised: 12 June, 2002.