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Stereoscopic Displays and Applications VIII (1997)

The Keynote

Mr Peter Anderson presented this year's Key Note Presentation titled "Large-format 3D Film in Special Venues". Peter has worked on many special venue 3D movies we may all be familiar with. Peter spoke about many aspects of his experience in being director of photography for many special venue 3d movies. In particular he spoke about the trials and tribulations of working with the huge 3D movie cameras - both the Disney rig and the Hines Lab rig. Peter also talked specifically about his two latest productions "T2-3D" installed at Universal Studios, Florida and a new Pirate movie to be installed at Busch Gardens. Peter showed us some behind the scenes footage (in 2D) from the pirate movie shoot and the grand finale was the showing of actual stereoscopic video clips from "T2-3D" in 3D on the large screen rear-projection system described below. Many people had their mouths agape during Peter's entire presentation.

Pictured above (at left) are Peter Anderson and Scott Fisher. Pictured in the right image is Peter Anderson using his patented process of explaining convergence using a pair or chop sticks - Peter was nearly stuck when he couldn't find the second chop stick...   :-)

The Equipment

As in past years, we had a quality collection of equipment to display 3D presentations to the audience.

Pictured at right is the 3D slide projection equipment. Nothing overly amazing - just a pair of kodak carousel 35mm slide projectors with circular polarising filters fitted. The adjustable rack is a must.

Pictured below is the rear-screen stereoscopic video projection system loaned to us by Lowell Noble of QD Technology (Los Gatos, CA). In summary the system consisted of the video source (one or two video recorders), a demultiplexer, video processors for line and field doubling, two video projectors and Lowell's new "3D black screen" (a special rear-screen projection material which retains polarisation and has a dark appearance). We could screen 3D videos from either two separate VCRs (as in the case of T2-3D which came off two Betacam decks) or a single VCR (in field-sequential format). The video projectors were a pair Runco three gun video projectors. The projectors are fitted with circular polarisers over the face of the video guns. The audience wore Polaroid II circularly polarised 3D glasses. The result was awesome!

Pictured is Brad Nelson of QD Technology aligning the video projectors on the rear screen.

It was pleasing to see many of the presenters used stereoscopic images in support of their presentations. We also screened a number of stereoscopic videos during the breaks. Footage included "Concerto in 3D" from VRex and Animusic, "Escape" from D3P Multidimensional Media and the teleoperation of a front-end loader in a copper smelter from Curtin University of Technology (Australia).


The attendees are obviously an important part of the success of a conference. This year we again had very good attendance. Below are some photographs taken during the conference.

Here Craig Adkins demonstrates his stereoscopic camera rig to Chad ?, Lowell Noble and Peter Anderson. Craig entered the presentation room for his presentation like this although he wasn't game enough to wear his roller blades...

Clockwise from left: Craig Adkins, Chad ?, Lowell Noble, Andrew Woods, Peter Anderson, John Merritt, Janet Martinson, William Hopewell and Michael Weissman.

From left: ?, Phil Harman, Neil Dodgson and Cees van Berkel.

From left: John Bercovitz, Mathius Hammer and John Merritt.

All photographs © 1997 Andrew Woods.

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Revised: May 8, 1997.