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Stereoscopic Displays and Applications VII

The Dinner

For the past few years we have organised an informal dinner to allow all attendees (authors and specators) to socialise in a different atmosphere. This year we again sampled the delicacies of the BoTown Chinese Restaurant in downtown San Jose.

Pictured (clockwise from left) are:
Scott S. Fisher (Telepresence Research) (conference co-chair),
Andrew Woods (Curtin University of Technology) (conference committee),
Brad Nelson (QD Technology),
Lowell Noble (QD Technology),
James Lipscombe (IBM),
David Mark (Space Age Design Engineering),
Michael Starks (3DTV Corp.),
Phil Harman (Xenotech),
Michael Weissman (Perspective Systems) (conference committee),
John Merritt (Interactive Technologies),
Graham Street (Solid Vision Limited).
Pictured (clockwise from front left) are:
Mel Siegel (Carnegie Mellon University),
Victor Grinberg (Carnegie Mellon University),
Vivian Walworth (Rowland Institute),
Neil Dodgson (Cambridge University),
John Moore (JMEC & Cambridge University),
Stewart Lang (Cambridge University),
Shintaro Tanaka (Telepresence Research),
Shojiro Nagata (Japan 3D Forum/Intervision) (conference committee),
Hideo Samura (?).
Pictured (clockwise from front left) are:
David Drascic (University of Toronto) (Conference Committee),
Cees van Berkel (Philips Research Labs),
Christopher Mayhew (Vision III Imaging, Inc),
Aron Bacs (Vision III Imaging Inc.),
J Myron Smith (Visual Dimensions, Inc),
Jeff McVeigh (Carnegie Mellon University),
Paul Evans (Nottingham Trent University).
All photographs © 1996 Andrew Woods.

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