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Stereoscopic Displays and Applications VII

The Conference

Mr Ray Zone presented the Key Note speech at this year's conference. His presentation included an interesting review of the many ways through history that 3D has been used in entertainment. Pictured here are Ray Zone (left) and the conference co-chair Scott Fisher (right).

As in past years, we had a quality collection of equipment to display 3D presentations to the audience.

Pictured at right is the 3D slide projection equipment. Nothing overly amazing - just a pair of kodak carousel 35mm slide projectors with circular polarising filters fitted. The adjustable rack is a must.

Pictured below is the video projection system loaned to us by Lowell Noble and the rest of the guys at QD Technology. In summary the system consisted of the video source (one or two video recorders), video processors for line and field doubling, two video projectors and a silvered screen. In detail: The system could either either receive two separate video sources (from two VCRs) or a single video signal in the field-sequential format. The video processors were a pair of QD7500 Professional Stereoscopic Video Enhancement Processors (line and field doublers). There was also another QD box for demultiplexing the field-sequential video signal into two signals. The video projectors were a pair Runco three gun video projectors. The projectors are pictured with circular polarisers fitted to the video guns. The audience wore Polaroid II circularly polarised 3D glasses. The result was awesome!

All photographs © 1996 Andrew Woods.

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Stereoscopic Displays and Applications conference

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