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The 2021 SD&A Demonstration Session

The SD&A Demonstration Session has run every year since 1990. This year the Demonstration Session was very different - it was run online using a website called Gather.Town thanks to the special organisational efforts of Bjorn Sommer.

Demonstrations at the 2021 event included:

  • Takashi Kawai from Waseda University (Japan) introduced an award ceremony held in a virtual space by the Japan Chapter of the Advanced Imaging Society titled "Application of 3D Avatars in a Virtual Event"
  • Chris Ward and Dan Lawrence from DepthQ (USA) demonstrated their DepthQ VR AQUA experience.
  • Bjorn Sommer from the Royal College of Art (UK) presented the working prototype for his paper Hybrid Stereoscopic Photography - Analogue Stereo Photography meets the Digital Age with the StereoCompass app".
  • Andrew Woods from Curtin University (Australia) demonstrated the method of testing passive-polarised 4K 3D TVs for correct operation using a simple test pattern.
  • Eric Kurland from 3-D Space Museum (USA) demonstrated his live 3D video streaming studio solution which he used for the 2021 SD&A 3D Theater Session.
  • Pawel Achtel from (Australia) presented his 3D Film Services and Equipment for Giant Screen and IMAX Cinema.

Eric Kurland from 3-D Space Museum demonstrated his live 3D video streaming studio solution using OBS Studio and other tools. You will also notice Eric's Gather.Town booth was crowded with attendees – bottom-left of image.


More information about, and additional photographs from the demonstration session are available in the conference proceedings preface.

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