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The 2019 SD&A Demonstration Session

The SD&A Demonstration Session has run every year since 1990. The symposium-wide event is open to demonstrators from all of the Electronic Imaging conferences.

Demonstrations at the 2019 event relevant to SD&A topics included:

  • Shawn Frayne from Looking Glass Factory (USA) demonstrated two sizes (8.9” and 15.6” diagonal) of their The Looking Glass autostereoscopic 3D display.
  • Hideki Kakeya, from University of Tsukuba (Japan) demonstrated a full-horizontal parallax super-multiview display, which realizes a light field around the eyes to induce proper focal accommodation of the viewer.
  • Andrew Woods from Curtin University (Australia) illustrated a Camera Based Projection Mapping System for Non-Flat Surfaces.
  • Eric Kurland from 3-D Space (USA) (with assistance from Ilicia Benoit) setup a “3-D Space mini-museum” with a huge array of 3D equipment, viewers, games and other 3D items. Eric and Ilicia’s demonstration at the 2018 conference was equally popular so we are glad they were able to reprise the setup this year (see Figure 4).
  • Dominique Meyer from University of California San Diego (USA) and Dan Sandin from the University of Illinois at Chicago (USA) demonstrated StarCAM - A 16K stereo panoramic video camera with a novel parallel interleaved arrangement of sensors.
  • Björn Sommer from University of Konstanz (Germany) presented a Head-mounted Display setup showing a stereoscopic 360 degree visualization of birds flying from Konstanz to Africa which was part of the ICARUS 2018 exhibition at the island of Mainau.
  • Rolf-Dieter Naske from psHolix AG (Switzerland/USA) showed super multiview videos on a 15” laptop of standard size fitted with a special 3D screen.

The demo session is always accompanied by a number of interesting discussions. Moreover, this photo contains three Google VR cardboards / HMDs – find them all!  In the mid-frame is Andrew Woods in discussion with Guarav Sharma.
One of the displays at the 2019 Demonstration Session:
Eric Kurland with his travelling 3-D Space Museum.


An album of photos from SD&A 2019 including many from the demonstration session is available on Flickr:

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