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Stereoscopic Displays and Applications XIV (2003) Conference

The Demonstrations

The demonstration session is an extremely valuable part of the conference - allowing attendees to see with their own eyes the equipment and systems discussed during the conference.

Ian Howard of I Porteus Publishing (Canada) had the two volume book "Seeing in Depth" on display. Here he is shown signing a copy for John Merritt.

4D Vision (Germany) demonstrated their 50" autostereoscopic plasma display.

A 3D manipulation device (called the Yo Yo) for controlling 3D VR models was demonstrated by Andreas Simon of Fraunhofer IMK (Sankt Augustin, Germany). A UNIX workstation drove an OpenGL display of various 3D models which could be manipulated with the Yo Yo device.

Steve Berezin of Berezin Stereo Photography (Mission Viejo, California) demonstrated a wide variety of consumer stereoscopic products, including various 3D glasses and viewers, books and cameras.

Stereographics Corporation (San Rafael, California) demonstrated their Parallax Player software, high resolution 22" Synthagram autostereoscopic monitor (model 222), 42" Synthagram (model 422), and 20" Synthagram (model 202).

John Miller from Dep3D (Los Gatos, California) demonstrated a 40" stereoscopic rear-projection TV using polarized 3D glasses and a range of stereo-enabled video games.

Hideki Kakeya of University of Tsukubu (Japan) demonstrated a 3D workbench based on a desktop autostereoscopic display.

View the video! 30 seconds duration. 1.2MB in size. Apple Quicktime (.mov) format.
Use the free Quicktime player to view the video:

Amar Agoun from De Montfort University (Leicester, UK) had an integral imaging photograph on display in support of his technical presentation.

Takashi Kawai of Waseda University (Tokyo, Japan) demonstrated "Stereoedit" software available from Lets Corporation (Japan). "Stereoedit" has been developed for the editing of digital stereoscopic video files.

Julian Flack of Dynamic Digital Depth (Santa Monica, California and Perth, Australia) demonstrated a range of 2D to 3D conversion technologies including a new computer display driver for generating multi-view stereoscopic displays for appropriately enabled computer games and applications in scientific visualisation. A StereoGraphics Synthagram monitor was used on this stand.

The four poster authors were also available to discuss their poster papers during the demonstration session.

There was also a holography display in the exhibit hall.

All photographs © 2003 Andrew Woods.

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Stereoscopic Displays and Applications conference

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