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Stereoscopic Displays and Applications X and
The Engineering Reality of Virtual Reality VI (1999)

The Demonstrations

The year's demonstration session was again an extremely well attended event.

Shown below is a collection of photographs taken during the demostration session.

Kaiser Electro Optics demonstrated the Proview XL-50 XGA-resolution head-mounted display (HMD). The HMD was connected to a stereoscopic video camera pair provided by John Merritt which provided a very interesting telepresence experience. Pictured: (LEFT) John Merritt, (BOTTOM LEFT) Phil Harman & John Merritt, (BOTTOM RIGHT) John Merritt, Phil Harman, Andrew Woods.

Dresden Technical University (Germany) displayed an improved version of their Dresden 3D display - a parallax barrier based stereoscopic display which utilizes head/eye tracking.

David Mark from Space Age Design Engineering presented a computer system that used three Intergraph graphics cards and three polarized stereoscopic CRT displays to present a wide-screen stereoscopic flight simulation.

DENSO Corporation (Japan) demonstrated a TSS-LCD-based 120-Hz field-sequential display. Pictured: Tomihiko Hatori.

Ravi Rao of the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center (Yorktown Heights, N.Y.) demonstrated the computer-based stereoscopic display system discussed in his paper for the capture and stereoscopic display of objects such as museum artifacts and sculptures. Pictured: Ravi Rao and Duncan Stevenson.

Cees van Berkel of Philips Research Laboratories (Redhill, UK) demonstrated the Philips 3D-LCD: an eight-view full-color autostereoscopic display with overall XGA resolution and providing a resolution of 384256 per view.

Mike Weissman was seen wandering the demo room floor with his NuView equipped camcorder. Lawrence Kaufman and Shojiro Nagata were keeping safely out of shot.

The Slide Factory (San Francisco, Calif.) demonstrated the StereoJet full-color polarized 3D prints and transparencies.

Scion International (Miami, Fla.) demonstrated a double parallax-barrier-based autostereoscopic display that is used for medical imaging purposes.

Curtin University (Perth, Australia) demonstrated the DV120 3D Video Standards Converter for converting field-sequential 3D video between the PAL and NTSC standards.

The Stereoscopic Displays and Applications website (this site) was again demonstrated on an internet connected PC supplied by David Mark.

John Miller of Volumedia (Los Gatos, Calif.) demonstrated two parallax-barrier-based autostereoscopic computer displays.

Mixed Reality Systems Laboratory Inc. (Japan) demonstrated two wide-field-of-view head-mounted displays with free-form-surface prism that provided stereoscopic VGA resolution.

Three new 3D books "3D Mandala", "3D Esher" and "3D Arts" by Sugiyama Makoto of Think Lab (Japan) were displayed. The books use a mirror based stereoscopic viewer built into the book to view the stereoscopic images which consist of 2D to 3D conversions of famous artworks.

Lenny Lipton and Jeff Halnon of StereoGraphics Corporation (San Rafael, Calif.) demonstrated their multiview lenticular autostereoscopic prints titled "Synthagrams".

3D items at the Exhibition

The Stereoscopic Displays and Applications conference and The Engineering Reality of Virtual Reality conference are both part of the huge Photonics West Symposium. Held at the same time as the symposium is the absolutely huge exhibition. On the exhibition floor were a number of 3D items of interest:

Point Gray demonstrated a 3 lens camera system which with the aid of smart computer processing is able to extract a depth map of the scene being imaged.

Optronics displayed a pair of video cameras which can be fitted to the standard eye-piece mounts of a stereo-microscope to capture a stereoscopic video feed. The stereoscopic image was displayed on a stereoscopic monitor being run from a PC.

Once again the hallway outside the conference hosted a holography display in support of the Holography conference.

All photographs © 1999 Andrew Woods.

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