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Photo Album of the
Stereoscopic Displays and Applications XXI (2010) Conference

The 21st Anniversary SD&A Conference Dinner

This year's conference dinner was again held at the BoTown Chinese Restaurant in downtown San Jose - close to the Convention Center.

Below are the six tables of SD&A conference attendees at the dinner.

SD&A dinner
[1] Clockwise from front left: Bob Mueller (Lightspeed Design Group), Mike Weissman (TrueVision Systems), ?????, ?????, Takashi Shibata (Waseda University), ?????, Mike Brauss (Proto Manufacturing Ltd), Burton Tripati (TrueVision Systems), Chris Ward (Lightspeed Design Group).

SD&A dinner
[2] Clockwise from front left: ?????, Sung Jung Lee (Pavonine), Arnold Simon (Infitec), Chistoph Grossman? (SeeFront GmbH), ?????, James Tam (Communications Research Center Canada), Davide Gadia (UniversitÓ degli Studi di Milano, Italy), Armin Grasnick (Sunny Ocean Studios), Jerome Leens (University of Liege), Jacques Verly (University of Liege).

SD&A dinner
[3] Clockwise from front left: ?????, Ben Chang (SAIC), ?????, Jonus Seyitski (PLLX3), Brad Nelson (PLLX3), David Mark (PLLX3), Shane McLure (University of Waikato), Cameron Kelly (University of Waikato), ?????.

SD&A dinner
[4] Clockwise from front left: ?????, Margaret Dolinsky (University of Indiana), Stephan Keith (SRK Graphics Research), Samuel Zhou (IMAX), Ray Zone (The 3D Zone), Eric Kurland (Workprint), ?????, ?????, ?????, ?????.

SD&A dinner
[5] Clockwise from front left: Xavier Figeras (3DDD Festival), Luis Perez Baras (University of Geneva), Nick Holliman (University of Durham), Neil Dodgson (University of Cambridge), Andrew Woods (standing) (Curtin University of Technology), Stephan Feudeux (Dimension 3), Jukka Hakinen (Nokia Research Center and Univ of Helsinki), Jari Takatalo (Univ of Helsinki), Justus Ilgner (University Hospital Aachen), Takashi Kawai (Waseda University), Bernard Mendiburu (Independent Stereographer).

SD&A dinner
[6] Clockwise from front left: Isabelle de Montagu (3DTV Solutions), John Merritt (The Merritt Group), Kurt Huffmeister (Mechdyne), Jason Goodman (21st Century 3D), Lenny Lipton (RealD), Emory Kristof (National Geographic), Kasimir Lehto (Stereoscape), ?????, Keith Elliott (Screen's Edge).

If you know the name of someone who is unidentified, please let us know so we can update the list. Thanks!

All photographs © 2010 Andrew Woods.

Stereoscopic Displays and Applications conference

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