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Photo Album of the
Stereoscopic Displays and Applications XV (2004) Conference

The SD&A Conference Dinner

This year's conference dinner was held at BoTown Chinese Restaurant in downtown San Jose - close to the Convention Center.

Pictured (anti-clockwise from far right): Vivian Walworth (Jasper Associates), Lenny Lipton (StereoGraphics Corporation), Nicolas Holliman (Univ. of Durham), Jang Doo Lee (Samsung), Yoonsik Oh (Samsung), Justus Ilgner (Aachen Univ. Hospital), Takashi Kawai (Waseda Univ.), Hiroyuki Morikawa (Waseda Univ.), Hideyuki Tatsumi (Toppan Printing Corporation), Shojiro Nagata (Intervision).

Pictured (clockwise from far left): Jun-Young Lee (Korean Broadcasting System), Min-Jae Yoon (Samsung), Erika Müller (Univ. of Rostock), Torsten Palfner (Univ. of Rostock), JeongEun Lim (Yonsei Univ.).

Pictured (clockwise from far left): ???, Stephen Daniell (Zograph), Boyd MacNaughton (MacNaughton Inc - Nuvision3D), Rick Gibson (San Francisco Univ.), Zahir Alpaslan (University of Southern California Los Angeles), Don Parks (Boise State Univ.), Vincent Chan (Ryerson Univ.), ???, Gregg Favalora (Actuality Systems), Rob Allison (York University).

Pictured (clockwise from far left): Rieko Fukushima (Toshiba), Jason Goodman (21st Century 3D), Max Penner (Paradise FX), Samuel Zhou (IMAX), Lew Stelmach (CRC Canada), Enrique Criado (Enxembre), Michal Husak (Lightspeed Design / Institute of Chemical Technology Prague), Chris Ward (Lightspeed Design).

Pictured (clockwise from far left): Wang YaPeng (Volume Interactions), Tegan Rourke (Curtin University of Technology), Neil Dodgson (University of Cambridge), Stephan Keith (SRK Graphics Research), Dan Sandin (Univ. of Illinois/Chicago), Margaret Dolinsky (Indiana Univ.), Sidharth Thakur (Indiana Univ.).

Pictured (clockwise from far left): Mike Weissman (Micro Vision Systems), Brad Nelson (Nelsonex), Phil Harman (DDD), John Merritt (The Merritt Group), Yasushi (Jack) Yamamoto (Sharp), Shmuel Peleg (Hebrew University of Jerusalem / HumanEyes Technologies), Andrew Woods (Curtin University of Technology, Centre for Marine Science & Technology), Carl Tung (VREX / InventQjaya), Ezekiel Tan (Royal Newcastle Hospital), David Mark (Mark Resources).

Sorry to those people whose names I can't remember. If you know a name for a face which isn't listed, please drop me a line.

The following two stereoscopic panoramas were taken by Shmuel Peleg using a digital still camera.
The images are in anaglyph 3D format and should be viewed with red/cyan glasses (left eye red):
© 2004 Shmuel Peleg

© 2004 Shmuel Peleg

All photographs © 2004 Andrew Woods except where noted otherwise.

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